CRM with email marketing

Daily email management can take a long time or may be more ‘automatic’ if we organize well. That is why it is convenient to have in our program different mail folders with messages organized by topic, thus can easily access for reference.

Have for example a folder of ‘models’ for everyday tasks where you have the ” message type ” that you use repeatedly in this way when you have to answer any question you have already answered sometimes you just have to make a copy of that message and change necessary for the new recipient, or we can use copy and paste and then modify it as necessary.

Recommendations on the organization of messages

ShouldnA?t have many messages in the inbox or In-Box. Let us read and save them in its corresponding folder, leaving the In-Box only what remains pending. We must also try to answer all our messages within 24 hours. And if we cannot, send a message to tell the client that we are trying to resolve your issue and we will contact you as soon as possible.

But why take this trouble? Respond quickly gives credibility. Many customers will be pleasantly surprised when they obtain rapid response the same day if possible, because most of your competition will not. The sooner we respond to our customers about their orders, questions etc. You will feel more confident and grow our business.

Is it enough just to review and respond?

No. This answer may seem obvious, but many companies do not and it is very important. In an economy so much competition and prices so similar, it is in the customer where many businesses fail and where we can stand out from our competitors. They are organized and give good customer service our sales will increase without doubt, and it is at that moment that applies to our marketing CRM system.

In addition to answering quickly it is appropriate to fix the line size of our email program about 70 characters for outgoing mail as there are people who have monitors at 640 A� 480. This means that if you have mail program ill-fitting lines, our message will be difficult to read because the lines will be heading. This hinders our mission is our message to be read.

We must also seek answers to customize as much as possible, as we would in the regular mail. Say ‘Dear Customer’ or say ‘Dear Mr. Perez’ change much and the client feels better treated. This makes our much more powerful, more personal message.

Information management and data about the wording

Often we receive referrals through email, requests for information, and they are very vague, nameless company etc. Only a terse message such as: ‘Send me information’. But for us that is a person who has shown interest in our product / service. We then send you a message thanking you for your interest and describing our product / service.

We must take care to put Internet addresses in the emails because we want to be active for the customer to go directly to our website. First for comfort for him, and secondly because there are people who cannot do ‘copy and paste’. Always remember to do things for excess and not by default. Do not put a period after http as that will not be active in some mailers. Take the point separate address space.

Much of our customer service is done through email. No matter how well we do as we will always have a certain percentage of complaints because we make a mistake. This is not important because in any business is always a mistake is made and complaints or returns are obtained. The important thing is how we handle complaints that do not affect the profitability of our business. Remember that a satisfied customer will tell two or three acquaintances, but one dissatisfied will tell ten acquaintances.

Is it only should we advertise?

No, because then it would be a unilateral communication channel. In our post we help our customers to know our way of working. Let us explain our standards back (if it is a product) on our website and in our email communications. Make it easy for the customer to return the product if it is not satisfied or is not what he was looking for. Give thanks that have trusted us and let us say that we feel that our product is not what they were looking for. If handled correctly returns are proven to return us to buy other products.

Many people complaints as personal insults are taken. This is a wrong attitude. Customers may not have understood what you offered them or for some reason the product does not fit what they expected. When we respond quickly, we earn their respect and trust.

The faster you respond, the more we will be seen as we care about our customers. Doing whatever is reasonable to have the customer happy. Sometimes even it touches us lose money, but business is so. It is statistically proven that the vast majority of customers who return a product if they are properly filed return, return to buy some of our business.