CRM and customers service

Three letter for a business strategy focus on customers. These acronyms literally mean Customers Relationship Management. According to many economists, this is a business model whose strategy is aimed to achieved,A�identify and manage relationships in those most valuable company accounts.

The aim of this is to work differently A�to be more effective in dealing with customers. It is not only the process of displaying the product and make the sale. It also how to interact with them properly and effectively. In addition, take this information to innovate the list of products and benefits. This also allows the attention of more customers and keep existing ones.

What does Customers Relationship Management consist of?

The CRM is divided into 10 components:

  • Functionality of sales and administration
  • Telemarketing
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Marketing
  • Executive Information Management
  • ERP Integration A�(Enterprise Resource Plannig)
  • Excellent synchronization of information collected
  • E-Comerce
  • Service in the sales field.

As we can see, it focuses on different aspects of customer service and product sales. Allows the company to attract new customers and avoid losing current (which is also recorded including the reasons for it). This is a more complex goal, getting loyalty and maintain it.

In this regard, the words of Janice Anderson, Vice President of CRM solutions from Lucent Technologies applied: “You will get more than your wallet from your customers when you take the time to be aware of them. In other words, to care for loyalty” .

CRM benefits are realized not only in retention and customer loyalty, but also in havingA�a more effective marketing. Helps them to create intelligent cross-selling opportunities and open the way to a rapid introduction of new products or brands.

In short, what companies want isA�reduce the cost of getting new customers and increase loyalty already approached. Thanks to CRM and customer service they now generates such loyalty. Which is the most valuable assets of the company. The reasources are the most common in marketing, apart from television, the internet is a great tool. The use of emails sent directly has make them moreA�approachable. Another reasources use are call centers and any other communication that allows the customer receive a personal attention.

Some Success factors

When we use CRM, success depends on how we aplly the information. Among many things,A�CRM and customer service allows:

  • Identify the functions you want to automate.
  • Automate only what needs to be automated.
  • Get the support and commitment of the highest levels of the company.
  • Use technology wisely.
  • Involve users in the construction of the system.
  • Make a prototype system enables users.
  • Motivate the staff to use.
  • Manage the system from within.
  • Keeps the administrative system of the company aware of the doubts or suggestions and thereby improves.

With the implementation of CRM system, the company must be able to anticipate customer’s wishes. The system should allow youA�obtaining information without reaching the level of customer harassment. Finally, the true meaning of CRM for the company is to increase sales. Also, increase profits, rakings andA�customer satisfaction. On the other hands helps the company tu reduce costs of sales and marketing.