CRM with Customer Portal



In this article we will be talking about the different CRM on the market that offer additional customer portal…
But it is important to first define what is a customer portal and what we can do in it?


A customer portal is a private website that allows to the business share specific information with their customers as status of credit, budgets, orders information, products, and calendars.

This greatly improves relations with customers and provides complete, up-to-date access 24 hours a day.

The advantages of customer portals are suitable and relevant, because they contain everything that the customer needs in one single place.


In the case of some CRM also offer this option, here some of them:

Microsoft Dynamics

Contribute with sales, services and support of occurrences, resulting in satisfied customers and in reducing calls to customer support, this also decreases costs, working time and resources.

Other benefits include the following:

  • Improves service to the customer.
  • Facilitates the obtaining of customers.
  • Reduces the costs of operations.
  • Prioritizes the critical needs of customers.
  • Supports sales.

VTiger CRM

Give access to clients accessing the site private VTiger offers share files and see their story with you.

Among its features we can mention the following:

  • Historical relationship with customers.
  • Exchange of documents and files.
  • Knowledge base: fast access to frequently asked questions.
  • Create, send and update tickets.


The portal you allows provide you information highly personalized to the customers.

Additionally can be received answers to questions, complete transactions, send reports of problems and consult the knowledge base which will undoubtedly retain the interest of customers.

It also offers you the following benefits:

  • Access through your account to the content custom and also can send tickets of support.
  • Access protected by password that allows you to display tools of support to the user and to the base of knowledge.
  • Possibility to update your user profile, view history of orders and view the status of the same or if necessary, to place new orders.
  • Provides automatic receipts to confirm service with a case number requirements.


It allows users to do the following tasks:

  • Track open cases.
  • Update the accounts.
  • Web forms to Lead.
  • Management of subscriptions.
  • Searches in knowledge bases.
  • User interface with your logo or corporate image.
  • Integration with SugarStudio.

Saleforce CRM

Help sales agents to close more business and be more quick.

This results in customers happy and saves your money. No matter the size of your company, give the correct answer to the customer it is therefore crucial. A service in the cloud can contribute to this.

Light console

Service management customer places all the necessary information by sellers to their fingertips. This facilitates the handling of cases, track customer history, and much more. All in a single and a simple view.

Live agent

Software live chat, this tool allows the customer to communicate with clients and prospects via web. This makes it possible to answer questions of customers 24 / 7 days a week.

It provides a more intelligent service

It will gives to your customers the answers they need, when they need them. And this create customer loyalty.


Communities give customers a car service and discussion forums they need to get answers to problems or questions for quick and agile.

Many customers can be won by good answers and fast.


No doubt to provide answers quick, and effective knowledge management enters scene as one of the best ways to provide excellent customer service.


Then, as we have seen, there are several choices when we talk aboutA�CRMA�withA�customer portal, and there areA�a great variety of possibilities…so, what will you choose? That depends on you.

We hope this article it has been useful.