What CRM can do for Freelancers

According to technological advances, they have been creating various types of work. These new jobs are good options for those who want to work from home and through the internet. These people are called FREELANCERS. Their employers are diverse but all have something in common, are performed remotely. They are considered self-employed, since they themselves form their work schedule and allocate their time as they see fit.

This type of jobs have different sources. For example, many computer programmers work making websites for different clients, or can a person take care of the community managment of certain companies. The truth is that one’s worst nightmare is that the freelancer worker will contact a potential customer is lost completely. Also remember that this can value hundreds of dollars, not thousands. The truth is that this situation can make usA�crazy, but this time is A�when we see what CRM can do for us and comes to save us.

What a CRM can do for a freelancer

Regretfully, when we drive too much information, we can become cluttered with it. Some are responsible conduct web projects, and sometimes lose the card of your client or paper where he made annotations.
For this reason, implementing a CRM in your small business will do much good and will save many headaches.

Implemented CRM in your remote business

In other articles we have explained the role of CRM. It is simply software that lets you organize your customer information in an orderly and systematic. At the same time it gives you updated according to what you have recorded data on customers. The truth is that there are thousands of such software therefore should explore the options that you have to decide which benefits you more (for more information on the different types of software visits the previous articles)

The proper functioning of CRM depends directly on how you want to use and how we do it. For example, a freelancer should not necessarily buy software. You can use task managers that allow you to create specific notes about each customer and keep it orderly folders within the same manager. One of the best managers a simple task to implement CRM is EVERNOTE.

Terminology and types of CRM systems

Now if that does not convince you to depend on a task manager, and prefer software that does everything automatically, you should know some terms. You should know that CRM systems can become rather complicated. This is what discourages many independent professionals use. However, you can accomplish if you know some terms.

  • Contact Management.

    It is the most basic form of CRM. Simply manages your contact information. There are some systems that are dedicated only to this; but usually it comes included in all types of CRM systems.

  • Operational CRM.

    It helps support all those involved in sales, marketing and service. It keeps track of all interactions with customers, such as the products sold and support calls. Basically they help track the day-to-day interactions and plans.

  • Sales Force Automation.

    Provides the ability to track track, schedule and record sales calls interactions. This type of software is especially crucial if more than one person is responsible for the sales of a company, so that different vendors know the situation of each client.

  • Analytical CRM.

    It is mainly used for the design and execution of marketing campaigns targeted at specific sectors. It is also used to make management decisions, as well as to determine how profitable are certain customers.

  • Sales Intelligence CRM.

    It is very similar to Analytical CRM, but their reports are generated by software that focuses primarily on predicting customer trends and sales performance. This is a feature included typically more robust and expensive systems.

  • Campaign Management.

    It is a subset between CRM Operational and Analytical CRM. This tool has a limited approach that includes creating contact lists for marketing campaigns (such as newsletters and mass mailings). Also, the campaign manager can help us track and analyze responses to customers.

  • Collaborative CRM.

    It is a bit steep for most freelancers, but worth comment. It is an established system for businesses where customers maintain contact with various departments such as Sales and Support. With the Collaborative CRM we seek that everyone in the company know how to treat a particular customer.

  • Geographic CRM.

    It is combined with Analytical CRM to provide segment information by geographical regions. It is not very useful for most self-employed.

These terms should know, since not all are useful for freelancers. You may not need as many tools as you need an established company that depends heavily on marketing. You can consider the Campaign Management, CRM and Analytical CRM Operational since it can be of great help. .

Special systems for Freelancer.

As you know, the systems are designed according to market needs. Therefore there are certain CRM software that can serve as they are special for freelancers. This is:

  1. Highrise CRM

    Highrise is a CRM software online that focuses exclusively on managing contacts. You can store contact information such as phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc. Its capabilities are basic, it has a simple calendar and allows you to annotate each client. Especially for beginners and a very good price. It is easy to use and is not as complex as others.

  2. ZOHO CRM System

    Zoho CRM is a web application with, ideal for freelancers free version. Zoho also offers a Professional Edition for $ 12 a month and an Enterprise Edition at $ 25 per month. It has tools for managing sales and marketing and customer support functions and service. The application can also generate a variety of reports and help you analyze your sales and marketing information.

  3. Salesforce CRM

    SalesForce.com CRM is broader than some independents might find useful program. It has all the features you can imagine, and represents one of the best methods for tracking and sales automation. While many independent find it too expensive for some may be the big difference.

This is just a sample of what CRM systems offer, and can find many more on the web. This software ranges from the smallest to the largest, which are ideal for large corporations. Prices vary, so you should look for one that fits your pocket.

Remember the purpose of implementing a CRM to its independent business is to facilitate and expedite their work. You can even make their own CRM method that simplifies marketing and finding new customers.