Crm and big data 2016

When it comes to CRM systems solution most commonly hear or read recommendations on one system or another. Next on the top of talks on such systems they are the ability of each and comparisons between different solutions. But there is a point that is rarely mentioned and tools that allow the operation of these programs. As we know the CRM are management programs and analysis of information but the way they do and information storage means do not have much attention.

But why keep these points? For the simple reason that although an industrial tool can be helpful not knowing the pieces that allow you to perform functions can lead to a problem. You may not seem logical that reasoning at this point but the truth is found in our justification to think about the means by which our management tools have their way.

In this article we will no longer look the main tool as the protagonist and give attention to one of the means by which it can perform its functions perfectly. In this case the databases that provide information to analyze these systems. You may not see them all because as we know many CRM store their data in the cloud. But detailing one of the main options understand the working mode of the others.

Database model, Big Data

Among the companies looking to implement any management system, but especially CRM; those working using information platforms Big Data is one of your first choices. These online databases are the preferred strategy of companies who want to achieve success through management software and momentum. Even those companies that have already achieved their goals still taking advantage of these information servers to maintain its position and strive for improvement.

But why it is so special about this model work? Because far from being a simple online folder the Big Data tools are implemented after or engage our management systems improve and optimize its operation. This is because its capacity is defined by the same name. Big Data is not just an option for data collection are stored tools and massive data management is available to anyone who wishes to use.

They have a broad limit and consulting information stored and also the option to structure the distribution thereof. Not only data that will be used to advantage are collected and analyzed. Among the information that can be registered with these tools are also available analytical procedures employed. These summaries or reports can be analyzed, processed, modified, optimized and implemented so early as the results obtained. In theory the perfect system, but Who would you recommend?


Unlike CRM solutions and programs, software or pages that auto sponsor Big Data are systems that sponsor themselves while others are sponsoring. Among those who support the use of these online databases are to Dinamicbrain and Culture CRM, pages that sponsor and recommend the use of CRM; between promoters Big Data database. They are joined by theA�Spain Web DevelopersA�Association and most responsible for teaching courses and lectures related to this topic.

How is that dictate talks promote the Big Data bases ? In recommending these unique databases that stand out among the others offered in the market. Those who carry out this sponsorship are not limited to a small group to talk about CRM systems. The truth is that those who recommend the application are a broad group that includes those who dictate lectures, exhibitions, workshops, master’s and postgraduate courses related to Business Intelligence or Business.

Why it is so appreciated?

These massive databases are considered precious for the simple reason that we live in a world in which information can be obtained in a few seconds and you need to register or update. Since everything that register must be passed to a management system working mode and provide security database is important. Big Data are a means by which these processes can be carried out in a simple, safe and efficient manner.

This is what makes it so charming. But what we have examples to better understand their function? Nothing more and nothing less than our searchers. Search servers or location data engines such as Google, Yahoo, among others, are models of management and use of Big Data. It is certainly surprising to think that we can have access to the huge amount of information that manage these servers. However it is possible.

So why only we analyze the virtues of a ghost?

No. Although a name can be expected to use application and download the truth it is different. That means that as particularly described and requires so much praise is what is indicated in the first subtitle of this article, a model of massive databases. We invite you therefore to consider how your company handles compilation.

The name servers or search engines and gives you an idea and reference for knowing what to expect and how to manage your information. You can consider questions like: I can get information just as quickly? So this organized? Is it possible to improve my web database? Remember that the databases are not made suddenly, they are the result of hard work and dedication.

So follow the model explained. Adapt your working method to what is stated in these lines and so is one of those great experts, entrepreneurs, successful and instructors that make Big Data his means of progress and its models reason their success.