CRM to AX connector

In today’s market being left behind in terms of technology is a risk that few want to run. And the reasons are justified because not see who fits your competitors do and put it aside. And not just happen this time because most likely your responsiveness by low sales decrease and eventually disappear. So if you want to prevent this is your case adaptation is one of the measures to be taken. Here we are goin to discuss about how can AX connector may help your CRM systems.

But although this is the first step would be choosing the next technological aspect which we will use in order to meet our needs. But one thing must be clear, never enough with a single technology solution. That’s why many use a springboard and then apply other while you need them. But most opt to incorporate several systems at once and make adjustments over time.

Both options are acceptable. One saves money and purchase solutions piecemeal while the other provides the opportunity for greater investment and worry only to adapt and grow. But we choose which will be our decision. The second point is clear that we in this field. Immediately we decide our action plan will proceed to execute it and this is the third step.

Since we are talking about acquiring more than one short or long term system what we should do next is to decide what will be our acquisitions. Since options are very diverse business solutions will be difficult to choose. But briefly we discuss 2 common and effective options applicable to any company. Ax and CRM Connector.

What are they?

CRM are customer management systems that are responsible for boosting sales and marketing policies achieving growth companies. Instead the Ax Connector business planning programs are directly linked to the Windows platform. This ERP in combination with CRM technology allows develop a unique marketing machinery using your computer as a base.

But suppose that depends on the Internet to work for little storage space on your computer, What will? Simply choose to implement these programs more quickly. Most CRM and ERP Connector Ax used as a storage site web. Online servers are the perfect containers default information and business solutions these programs.

Top it off with all this we can add that by combining a CRM solution with a plan for a platform like product AX Connector have an immense adaptability. It is practically an installation process, no collection. We say this because the CRM and ERP are synchronized with the workspace accounts and emails, as well as social networks and other communication channels available.

Why they are so effective?

Ax turn connector works with a program called BC (Business Connector) created to expedite the installation of systems like these. CBs are installed on computers that will be used to deploy the management software. Once you ensure web access can work with these systems from anywhere. Imagine going on a trip or take action urgently big responsibility without being present would you like the idea?

Both systems allow that, the CRM to enhance the quality of communications and AX to coordinate every aspect of the administration of the company. That’s right, the CRM is dedicated to improve internal communications by establishing communication channels only. Ax ERP Connector instead enhance internal communications in order to respond at any time to any unforeseen.

Since achieve this effect in communications is no wonder that so successful. But everything depends on communication?

other measures

Since Ax Connector is an application designed for use can be found by search Microsoft Dynamics Ax like. The CRM we decide to apply along with this is optional. We must seek information on the different management platforms CRM and its adaptability to the ERP. We must think about this because the configuration synchronization utilities is performed in a similar mode to a console. It is almost an installation and configuration through MS-DOS.

Among installation recommendations are to establish a management system not password expiration. This prevents newspapers have to make changes and update key user problems. We must also strictly set our working group. Ax to manage everything related to the working groups of our company and grouping them in a domain which is optimized administrative work.

Finally, if we use a platform 100% web mode we set our database online. These Aplication Pool are associated with a domain and synchronized with Ax. The purpose is configured users have permanent access no matter where they are. At the same time the information security is guaranteed and setbacks are avoided by local connection failures to move to another site quickly.

So considering that these platforms optimize processes, maintain in the network supplied and enhance the objectives Why not try? Come and be part of that elite group that takes advantage of changes and improvements to position itself among the number 1 in its market.