CRM as Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the acronym used to define a business strategy focused on the customer, in which the goal is to collect the largest possible amount of information about customers to generate long-term relationships and increase their degree of satisfaction. This trend is part of what is called Relationship Marketing also considers potential customers and how to build relationships with them.

The central idea is to focus on the customer, know in depth in order to increase the value of the offer and achieve successful results. Do not forget that today, commercial management and customer orientation is the key to generating competitive advantages. INES provides a software solution that will allow you to apply this strategy to your business quickly and efficiently. INES solutions cover all the tasks carried out in the relationship with customers and commercial management, ensuring increased productivity and protection of their data.

Using the Internet’s ability to provide access to information anytime, anywhere, INES also offers on demand solutions that reduce the cost and time of implementation of CRM solutions in just 30 days, your business will start to benefit from this powerful tool with the support and backing of our professional team.

The new trend: CRM on Demand

The traditional CRM that involves high installation costs and infrastructure is being replaced by a new form that is CRM On Demand, also known as CRM Saas (Software as a Service) or Cloud CRM mode. This new method allows for universal accessibility through any application that has Internet access and also represents a significant reduction of the high costs of installation and maintenance involving traditional CRM. With INES On Demand you pay only for the services you use.

Advantages of CRM On Demand

Internet CRM: the On Demand mode improves productivity by allowing access your information system no matter the place or the time you want to do is find. The constraints of time and place disappear. It does not require modification of existing infrastructure: little or no investment required in both equipment and programs. Just a simple browser.

Automatic Updates do not need to hire additional technical staff to perform updates; they will be done automatically when available. Rapid deployment: rapid deployment = rapid return on investment + mobilization of equipment with a solution that is quickly available.

Protecting Your Information: INES has datacenters in Switzerland and France hosted by Equinix global hosting leader. Your information secure, no extra costs. Companies like Vodafone / SFR Black & Decker and Berlitz host their data in the data center.

What is Cloud computing and has links with CRM?

Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing) is a term that has revolutionized the way companies manage and store their information. It is an Internet-based technology, through which the information is stored on servers and is provided to customers as an On Demand service.

CRM solutions hosted in the cloud enable its customers to save on costs of acquisition, installation and maintenance since it is not necessary to invest in additional software or hardware, just simply access the Internet to access all your information. One advantage of this method is that, unlike the license, you only pay for the services you actually use.

Objectives of CRM software

CRM like software improve the satisfaction of the sales force. Give the sales force resources and tools that can consistently win in competitive sales environments. Automate sales processes. Provide immediate correspondence, literature and information to prospects and customers seamlessly via fax, e-mail and Web.

Automate sales processes. Provide immediate correspondence, literature and information to prospects and customers seamlessly via fax, e-mail and Web. Automate recurring sales tasks, such as activity reports, and reporting of what is to come and is forecasted.

Spend more time selling. Automate repetitive activities that are not related to sales to sales people can spend more time selling (and less time on administrative tasks). Remedy the situation very common and inefficient consumption of work time:

As sales people spend their time usually:

  • Administrative tasks 40%
  • Selling 40%
  • Looking 10%
  • Sending information 10%

Expand the database of knowledge. Providing competitive information, product and sales team that is more meaningful, accurate and timely. Provide information on product pricing and promotions in a more timely manner. Mastering CRM software to improve the delivery and effectiveness of sales letters, marketing collaterals, RFP responses, presentations and proposals.

  • Revenue growth.
  • Growth in profitability.
  • Better visibility forecasts, accuracy and reporting.

An increase in account profitability and market share.

Improve sales analysis with existing customers. Quantifiable information more accurate and timely customer can help identify ways in which customer value is lost or not exploited. Identifying behaviors, patterns and customer-oriented preferences provide the ability to identify and satisfy unmet customer needs and then sell power and related products or generate more revenue.

Sales forecast with an analysis “If this happens”. Understand the consequences of a change in the product assembly or delivery, If I reduce customer churn by 5% wh ich would be the effect?

Raise sponsorship and sales training.

Allow techniques to sell equipment (professional sales and sales manager) which result in better success rates when making decisions and close deals.

Improve sales support and the means to achieve them.

Encourage collaboration and collection practices and knowledge of the best sales executives to put the experience of the best sales people of the company in the hands of new recruits and novices. This enables the sales force d put all the power and resources of the company behind each sales opportunity.

Standardize sales methodologies. Increase consistency in effective sales processes.

Increase the success rate when closing deals. Make sales professionals achieve individuals close a higher percentage of sales opportunities while an environment sales team is promoted.

Generate more business from existing customers. More incremental business in less time and with less selling expenses.

Increase the productivity of sales agents. Smarter selling (eg selling products and services with a higher margin); spend time more wisely and immediately show how you can spend more quality time on existing accounts or taking on more accounts. Reduce the sales team or the time it takes to make a sale. Increase revenue through higher income sales team.

Better understand the needs, desires and customer orders. Understand what the key customer groups are and establish long-term relationships with them. Discover what your customers need and appreciate, and get to know their customers enough to face them in a face-to-face marketing. Identify customer groups to address new or related to sales. Define products and services that meet the needs of its customers. Optimize the means for delivery and fulfillment of customer orders. Monitor and review the customer response to their efforts.

Achieve better internal controls as customer lists, analysis of what is to come and forecasts, contracts, and pricing information and agreements.