Capsule crm review: News 2016/2017

Capsule CRM


Capsule CRMA�- formerly known as Javelin – it is an online platformA�CRM. Its manufacturer is a British software company called Zestia Ltd. Calls himself the easier online CRM, effective and flexible.


  • Capsule CRM stands out for its focus on providing users a tool of CRM that is both effective and simple. It is a very complete, flexible and adaptable program.
  • A new user can start using it in minutes and without the creation of a server.
  • In addition, Capsule CRM creates a remote backup.
  • The program also manages the messages sent and received by customers, records sales and has the ability to generate reports, create task lists, manage groups of contacts, attach documents.
  • Tools that provides Capsule CRM are not only versatile, further that they are intuitive which simplifies the process for the user learn to use it.


Management of contacts

This page you gives to the user a vision wide of all it information that requires of their contacts to make tracking of people, companies and other organizations with which make business. All this is accomplished by:

  • Taking historical record of the notes, emails sent or received with Capsule CRM.
  • Adding documents, agreements, proposals and other files.
  • Handling tasks for each contact in specific.
  • Sharing information with coworkers or vital partners for the business.
  • In addition, it provides vital statistics at the moment.

Tasks and calendars

Create appointments for meetings, phone calls, delivery times and more. You can also see who is doing the work done, and even allows you to share it with coworkers.

Keep things organized with tasks:

  • Can be assigned to specific contacts.
  • They can be categorized and updated onceA�they are complete.
  • You can place them a broad description that leaves no doubt as to what you want.
  • The calendar us allows have a view wide of the tasks performed or to perform.
  • Repetitive tasks can be created (weekly, monthly or annually).

The tasks also can be linked to contacts, opportunities, or specific cases, thus is provided to see in which pointA�is the task.

Sales funnel management

Get an overview of opportunities for sales, potential values and what indicates you should be doing next.

  • Keep track of every opportunity.
  • Learn about the expected value of each opportunity.

Customize the interface of Capsule CRM

Make Capsule CRM fits your business, change colors, or create custom fields.

  • Custom fields, allow to record accurate information you require.
  • Create custom tags that allow you to categorize contacts based on the needs of the business.
  • Customization of the milestones in sales and funnels that fit your business.
  • Create contact lists based on searches and filters.

Mobile application

  • Lets you view and manage contacts.
  • See latest activity of coworkers.
  • Make calls or send emails from the application.
  • See all the information stored in Capsule CRM related to particular client.


Capsule CRM offers two options there is the FREE option and has the following features.

  • Up to two users
  • 10 mb of storage
  • 250 contacts

And ita��s another called PROFESSIONAL and with a payment of $12 by month, consists of the following:

  • 2 Gb of storage per user
  • 50000 contacts
  • Integration with Xero, FreshBooks, Mailchimp, Wufoo, etc.


  • Restore an account of Capsule cancelled

With the new process of account cancellation, it is possible to restore or reopen an account that has been closed in one period not exceeding fourteen days. After that time elapse the account is removed completely from the servers.

  • Share improved links, improved file tabs and some Visual updates.

– Added an option called ‘Get Link’ that appears on the menus of the notes, and posts is certainly interesting when you need to share a note with a colleague.

– Also added the option ‘Copy to Clipboard’ in several places, as APIA�key, post electronic, etc. All this is to save us some time.

– Still there is this option for those who use the Safari browser but it is a work in progress.

– Improved internal Links before this worked by copying the links required directly in the notes, now this was improved by establishing a new shortened format of the links which reduces the visual noise and keeps clean notes.

-Avatars in the search of contacts, now to the search contacts to add to any case or opportunity is possible see small avatars beside them names filtered.

  • Authentication of two steps.

In pursuit of improving the safety of Capsule CRM has implemented this additive of security that protects your account although there is someone unwanted gained access or obtained your password entry. Once this option is enabled should be your usual password more a unique code that is generated at the time of admission and sent a message to your mobile device.