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A Useful Custom Report Writing Guide for Students

A Useful Custom Report Writing Guide for Students

Useful Custom Report Writing Guide

After completing your doctoral journey, you will most likely be expected to write a custom report for your program. Typically, these tasks will encompass explaining the research you have carried out in your program. Furthermore, your instructor will be looking to assess the growth in your field of study as well as the contribution you have made to your program.

In this article, we shall look at the writing steps that should be applied when creating your own custom report.

Creating an Outline for Your Custom Report

Like any other outline that you will come across in school, creating a custom report . The trick is to statistics research project ensure that you have covered all the essential sections. This means that your custom report should undoubtedly have the following sections.

Title Page

This is undoubtedly the first section of your custom report. It contains the details of the custom report. Ideally, it should be on its own page separate from any other part of the document. The title should be centered text in capital letters.


This is the first section of your document that contains the meat of your report. Essentially, it is a summary of what the custom report will look to address. It entails providing the reader with the goals of the custom report. In the introduction section, you should clearly define the objectives of the paper.

Literature Review

This is an aspect that undoubtedly varies from one field of study to the other. However, it is essential to ensure that your custom report has a brief reference to your sources of information. In this section, you should justify your reliance on the specific literature that you have used in your report. This helps to highlight and even demonstrate the cumulative impact that the sources have had on your program.


This part of the custom report should ideally be a complete elaboration of the strategies that you have employed to collect the necessary data. It entails providing a full list of the interviews that have been carried out and their outcomes. It should also show the strategies that have been used to obtain data. Finally, it should include a full evaluation of the strategies applied.

Findings and Implications

This is an aspect that you will most certainly have to include in your custom report. Therefore, you should ensure that all the information that you include is designed to contribute to your document’s thesis statement. It should show the effects that the research has had on your field of study and the contribution that has been made. It follows then that you should develop a proper justification for your conclusions.


This section of the custom report should precisely address the areas that you have identified as having the most to contribute to your field of study. Your conclusion should thus explicitly recommend the kind of input material that you would want to use in your custom report.

Like most other types of academic writing, your custom report will undoubtedly have plenty more to it. Nevertheless, it is vital to ensure that you have covered all the essential sections. This helps you to achieve a clarity and an efficiency in your writing that will be unmatched by anyone else.

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