Know what is best for you: CRM or Database

Sometimes doubts or curiosity make something that never would have crossed ourA�mind but is reason for our sudden attention. This is not something that only happens on a personal level, also happens to organizational level.A�These questions may ariseA�when making a decision that could affect the company and it is normal, because they depend the future of our actions. So we may askourselves if CRM and database are the same thing? If they are not, which is better?

We make a small analysis of this in order to show whether there is any difference, which should be our choice or if it really is not a big problem deciding. However this is only informative content. Decisions should be based on the requirements of each company because as already mentioned, what you decide to do can affect the progress of the company to generate strong business momentum or an atmosphere of chaos.

What is the difference of their functions?

Both are data collection instruments. However they have a big difference compared to other systems. Or databases or CRM systems collect too many personal data. We are professional tools and instruments not harassment. Therefore the information collected in these systems is to improve the supplier-customer communication to keep a simple record of media contacts and conversations established for commercial purposes.

To put it more clearly, both systems collect data concerning a customer based on: contact forms, requested merchandise, recommendations or suggestions from you and information provided by the same as additional data. Do you think anyone could hold in his mind all this information from dozens of people think? But these systems avoid the headache that can generate strive to achieve this impossible to use as the only tool stored our brain mission.

But it is at this point where the differences begin, because a database is a compendium of information that appeal, a CRM system manages information shared with the areas involved in the process, create tasks, program activities, updated each time a new contact and then drives other areas of a company is done as updated information managed both objectives, and activities of a company.

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Options that provide databases

While achieve all this CRM databases are not limited to be simple files accumulated information. Certainly, we can give the same treatment to keep them updated that CRM management systems, but the difference is that these changes are already programmed into them, we must update in the case of databases.

But far from seeing this as a burden we must think of this feature as an advantage because the removal of obsolete data allows us to give attention and importance they deserve databases while we keep up with what we know of our customers. This is necessary for an advantage with databases that do not have the CRM. The storage space is limited CRM despite working on the web, databases come with storage capacities depend on how much information we accumulate.

The problem with this is sometimes not having to worry about the available space makes us forget the debug or delete obsolete. Otherwise we will fall into a mistake sooner or later and this will generate costs and delays and decrease performance areas using these data and the time we have to make an investment of time to debug everything necessary and implement action plans based on the information to be used.

Advantages for planning.

Since both systems load data that can be analyzed in an automatic or scheduled basis, have a common advantage despite the difference of functions, this is the fact that routed the steps for planning actions of companies. Sometimes what starts as a method to meet customers eventually ends showing us how to respond to the different challenges that competition or circumstances present us.

That is why everything that is collected is analyzed. These data allow a clear view of the target market, the needs that we must cover and the work that must be implemented in the short, medium and long term, all thanks to the collection of information. Therefore Whether you decide to opt for a CRM system or simple database remember that the important thing is not to have it but to use it. We can choose one of 2 options but without the willingness to use it well not achieve anything.

Asique take into account everything mentioned and be encouraged to take such a step that many are giving to choose a means of business improvement through the process of great marketing, to meet our customers and take advantage of the useful information that allow us to have from them.

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