Customer Relationship with Accounting

Often be efficient is simply being pragmatic. Take for example the supply of systems for accounting firms: public accountants as business process customer information, we offer accounting programs; and, in turn accounting firms operate as service companies, they provide management systems so that they can manage collections, payments and state debts.

The idea was simple: why not combine the best of both worlds, and provide comprehensive administrative and accounting solution for accounting firms? This is how born the management software that were needed. The efficiency of these programs Total Management is based on three fundamental points:

  • They are a complete set of business management software, allowing you to issue invoices for services the study, manage collections, payments and obligations, monitor availability, and banks, etc.
  • It lets bring the accounting records of its clients, loaded seats, classic emission accounting reports (daily, seniors, balances, Subdaily, etc), and charge for Subdaily tax receipts, etc.
  • They are a data collection interface lets you import trade and financial movements of those customers who have a studio version installed such programs in their companies; check accounting, load the settings and issue the relevant accounting reports.

Really they cover all the needs of an accounting firm in a single system, which adds a plus: the ability to easily review the detailed commercial operations of its customers.


  • General characteristics
  • Multi-company
  • Multi-user
  • Multi-currency
  • Reports screen, printer or exported as files with .pdf, .html, Excel, Word
  • Many options for filtering information and generate custom reports
  • An interface that allows in-depth exploration of movements consulted by screen; for example, see an accounting entry and – by double clicking on one of the accounts – display the most of it. Or carry the load of a seat, see the chart of accounts and – if the account has not needed to close the movement – perform discharge of it at the time.

Application and management accounting software

As this is a reduced version our ERP Manager solution, it maintains the functionality of a complete management system

Each receipt issued by the system has its counterpart in an accounting model that has left seat user-defined during the initial implementation; That means that the system generates 90% of accounting alone – whenever issues an invoice, freight payment, a receipt or proof of purchase – and the user you just need to make final analysis, load seats adjustment necessary, and issue the relevant balances.

Applications Features

  1. Automatic billing issues of their tickets, or generate individual billing service
  2. Lets you choose the billing method you want: standard (common printers), fiscal or electronic
  3. The system handles price lists, which can leave pre-set prices or hourly task, and even assign a price list for each customer.
  4. Generate its customers’ current accounts, issue expired listings and analytical debt load and make collections with issuing receipts.
  5. In turn, the load on receipts generates high inventory availability, with options to list the stock of checks held (by due date), endorse them or sell them, deposit, etc. Total traceability checks; control returned checks.
  6. Load study maturities – invoices, pay expenses and services, etc -; generate reports and analytical accounts current debt composition; issuing payment orders portfolio endorsing checks, paying with checks own one or more bank accounts, etc.
  7. Full banking and financial management, traceability checks issued, banks conciliation (automatic or manual) book, projection maturity checks issued, etc.
  8. Complete tax management study, emission Subdaily VAT listed for gross income, breakdown by type of tax, etc.
  9. Accounting interface with complete chart of accounts, charging seats (to enter adjustments, since most accounting generates the system itself), emission listings and classical analytical accounting reports, etc.
  10. Process accounting of its customers through the manual loading of vouchers and seats
  11. Software applications such as accounting registration

Innovations on the systems

The system is multi-company and can create as many companies as you wish and unlimited high. Customers who leads them study the external recording of accounting are discharged as companies.

This transaction provides additional advantages: for example, you can export plans account from one company to the other (and then adapt it to their specific needs), or you can perform the consolidation of several companies (for example, to give a full accounting scenario a client who has several ventures)

Interface has an accounting charge sales receipts, purchase, collection and payment, with broad tax detail to issue the VAT Subdaily sales and VAT purchases, listings for Gross Income tax breakdown, etc.

As such interface model operates with accounting entries, each voucher loaded generates the appropriate entry.

  • Loading screen of accounting entries – common, opening and closing, inflation adjustment, etc.
  • Issuance of classic accounting reports – daily, seniors, balances, Subdaily, etc – and easily customized analytical reports.
  • Possibility of starting exercises without closing the previous
  • Accounting entries and outstanding model seats
  • Interface data capture and external accounting analysis for those customers with ERP Manager

Check and adjust customer accounts that have Systematizes study as ERP Manager Management software, by capturing a swap file data containing detailed information of all its commercial operations

The perfect solution for business

Customers -to which the study will care data management – are discharged as companies. The system has no limit to the number of companies that can manage and even allows – in the case of economic groups – perform consolidations for analytical reports around the holding.

You not only care about all the commercial operations of its customers; also it imports the automatic accounting that has been recorded with every legal proof – sales invoices, purchasing, billing, payments, etc -emitted and / or loaded into the system. Manager ERP model operates with accounting entries pre-assigned to the vouchers, which generates real-time accounting. Thus you are getting processed by 90% accounting, subtracting perform the relevant tasks of analysis and load adjusting entries.

But the advantages do not end there; due to compatibility possessing both systems, you can open each of the vouchers that gave rise to an accounting record and analyze the origin of each movement. For example, opening a sales invoice, see the billed items and check the accounting allocation of each product / service included in the voucher.

In addition to the financial analysis can economic analysis and management sales reports, purchases, statistics, rankings, etca�� allowing it to provide management consulting services to your customer.

By accounting interface you can load adjusting entries, opening, closing, adjusting for inflation, etc, in addition to issuing the classic accounting reports (daily, seniors, balances, Subdaily, etc).

Once made the adjustments, you can send your client a news archive with seats corresponding adjustment; thus synchronized updating databases are guaranteed.