CRM for law firms

In law firms you need something that can take cases that perform and have an integrated solution. For this reason, it is preferable to have some software to work with the harmony of work and without interruption. The obtain it allows them to create a central database, e-mail integration and increase equipment efficiency.

We’ve talked before about how the CRM benefits the marketing and how it should be implemented. This time, we will share information about how CRM is beneficial for a law firm, where information tends to accumulate very quickly. We should note that in each post we’ve done, we always emphasize the importance of the customer in this case.

We discuss certain key you should know about the CRM applied to a law firm. Legal marketing strategy revolves around the possibilities of recruitment and loyalty of the public. Customer orientation is an aspect that becomes basic element in any strategy within a law firm. And if not included it may affect the results much.

CRM strategy for lawyers.

There is a point where as professionals we want to know where our new customers are, and how to manage already have. So to start walking on a path of profitability in your profession, you must have a prepared strategy. Doing so will allow you to get to know your potential and existing customers. So the CRM, in this case for lawyers, should be considered as a strategy and not as an application.

All businesses, whether or not service must have a marketing design that helps them attract customers. And even when the CRM is designed for large corporations, actually it gives a great advantage to the firms, whether large or small. The purpose is to reach the heart of the customer, emotionally and professionally. This ensures concepts like tranquility, service excellence and effective resolution or conflicts forecast.

The key is to see CRM as a key element in the culture within the law firm, but not as a software tool. Thus, peers and are forced oneself to share data, so that the customer is no signature of one attorney. As the CRM strategy progresses, in the same way increase your database. It is because calls and sales calls you receive by offering your services. In addition to the CRM strategy it is very efficient to implement a proposal for a legal marketing, allowing more competitive. However, it is defined as the CRM in law firms and what is the best option for them.

What is a CRM in a law firm?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a customer management system that will help the law firm to manage all aspects of customers in its different aspects. Especially in terms of the relationship that the firm may have with them. This allows sorting, better manage their characteristics and establish and develop customized strategies. All this focus on making our relationship with them is more effective in helping the firm to achieve better results.

Why is it important that the law firm should adopt a CRM system?

Get a CRM for a law firm provides many advantages and the most important are:

A. It allows better manage customer information more safely. With this system we are creating a single channel which capture our information on the firm’s clients. Ex .: information, personal, records, summary of visits, etc.
B. Efficiency and profitability. With the management of a CRM we will gain time as law firm, especially commercial office tasks. Before designing any trading strategy it is necessary to know very well to our customers and prospects.
C. The importance of historical data. The use of CRM is not only aimed at existing customers or to what is currently happening with them but with what may have occurred with them in the past and also with customers who have been but are no longer.
D. Get better business results with our customers. Our business approach will be much more effective.

Ex .: If we know that some of our customers are particularly interested in receiving updates on legislation on a particular subject. if we use some sort of tool newsletter also can connect better with them

What are the modalities of CRM?

Now there are different types of CRM that can be implemented in a law firm. These are more or less advanced technologies and can be adaptable. These are:

  • Operational CRM. A generalized system functions with marketing, sales and customer service. With this system we can meet all the needs from the point of view of the activities that we carry out with our clients from the law firm.
  • Analytical CRM. This system allows deepen the description and analysis of the characteristics of customers. Pay attention to their specific needs, habits, and all that is basic to meet clients of the law firm.
  • Collaborative CRM. A system is based on the use of appropriate communication channels with the client as email, phone or fax. This entails a more direct all those features through which customers can know better understanding.
  • E-CRM. Finally, the use of new technologies enables the customer knowledge more effective but also more efficient and straightforward. In the latest trends on the customer and their influence on the new CRM, we can have the use of social networks.

Usually, the choice of any of these types of CRM depends a lot on what you want to achieve. So it is nothing unusual to implement a combination of systems in a law firm.