Modern marketing

Today offer the services of a company or its products through commercial or continuous warnings being a way to attract public attention. But usually there is only that, attention. Since continuously our prospective buyers are loaded with so much publicity, you need to find ways to make them want what we offer. In turn, must submit a proposal allowing them to study the offer comfort, tranquility and the time needed to decide whether or not to accept them. However, these factors are not covered by a warning or a TV commercial.

The key to successful marketing is to apply a technique that allows us to know our clients and act according to what we get from this analysis. We refer to CRM. It is a tool designed to not only attract the attention of customers but also to generate loyalty on his part to his trusted seller. So we fulfill the role we want. Therefore, knowing that this tool is at hand, we see that is what our regular customers want. Also determine they need to be frequent. Once we know, we seek to draw your attention not only to acquire other products but also to have the opportunity to be recommended.


Application Data

Once we have that information, we can avail ourselves of a tool to reach and scope of our customers. True, we could make a call but this is an invasive way to get attention because not respect the possibility of accepting or not what we offer. In addition, it can cause us to lose customers rather than attract it. So what do we do? What if instead send an email? This is a better option. Not everyone check their email all the time. But finding an appropriate customer offer in your mailbox, be able to analyze and be free to accept or not give us a chance.

Once generated that opportunity, we just have to keep working to keep the customer’s attention. Help you get used to our information mails. This will lead to decide how to use this information in the long run. And only we invest time study and writing. Why do we say this? Because CRM applied to emails it requires little budget unlike a billboard or a television commercial. This is more personal, because it is the result of an analysis of our buyer and its demands is dynamic, adaptable to each new application and customer requirements.



As an example of this project we have Wesgro. It is a South African marketing agency, trade and investment that needed a solution that would offer a greater return on investment in their campaigns. In addition, the management team planned to use a solution of managing the relationship with customers who easily put into practice. His decision was to manage their advertising projects with a CRM with emails application system. Currently, campaigns managed with CRM allow Wesgro maintain the loyalty of its customer base and generate new sales opportunities. Consequently, the company is getting a greater return on investment with your marketing campaigns.

Would you like to have the same results? A CRM system combined with email marketing will allow it. This business solution will help you create lists of customers and their requirements while generating in your email. A list of recipients for the fastest campaigns. Helping to improve the effectiveness of communications by separating the customer portfolio based on their purchases. In turn send appropriate to the right customers at the right time and messages. These systems allow a process used to avoid duplicate message information, avoiding becoming spam.

Another benefit is that it allows you to track open rates and response to campaigns in real time. Which leads to improving future campaigns and increase return on investment income not so much money, but new customers.