CRM like Oprius

Each professional choose the tool you want to use in your work area. Depending on how you play and the type of work you do, choose these tools according to the goals you want to achieve. In the marketing and sales area, the goal will always be to win more customers and retain current ones. So today we will explain you as a CRM as Oprius can be as effective for this purpose.

What is Oprius and how it works

This is a system comprising tools to maximize customer relationships and automate sales cycles. The software handles give clues to ensure proper monitoring of each contact and information. Maintains a list of pending tasks for the exclusive use of the employee, this improves sales functions. Furthermore, this program handles mails that have been sent, calls in script and supports interaction with social networks.

It has automated programming as emails, activity log and track each step in the sales cycle functions. These functions are for determining an analysis of the progress of the sales campaign.

The company headquarters Oprius coast in British Columbia and Canada. Its features the following functions

  • Automates parts sales cycle
  • Automatically registers the interaction with customers and the history of each. Also, register of emails and transactions.
  • It has a scripting system phone
  • Integration with social networks
  • Input fields of personalized data for potential customers.
  • Create capture pages
  • System calendars and reminders for tasks.
  • Find contact database
  • Updates contact via Outlook

Modules Oprius

It consists of 7 modules which are: Contacts, Email, Calls, Tasks, Calendar, Getting potential customers and building relationships. These modules are joined in the home, where the interface is very elegant and easy to navigate and use. Buy Modafinil online

Oprius offers extras that users may find helpful, compared to other systems where only few functions. Companies enjoy modules capture and build customer relationships.

We know that Oprius is designed for sales, especially for those responsible for them. They can use IT staff, human resources, freelance graphic designers, editors, among others estate agents; thanks to its flexibility in applications. It provides time savings as the system works by itself in most functions.

Features Modules Oprius

First, we have the Contacts module. Its purpose is to seek and find new customers through names, phone companies and others. Users can also search for contacts by source. You can also search by groups such as companies, specific industries and ungrouped contacts. Nizagara 100 mg for sale

Among the features of calls it has Customizable scripts. These help sales staff to avoid the hassle of thinking about what to say to each contact. These calls are archived and integrated into a calendar.

With characteristic builder, Oprius may be able to develop a plan for each client. In turn program emails, keeping a history of messages, groups of people and businesses, retaining information that is sent to each contact.

Oprius in turn is able to control the pending and completed. Assigned to each task filters and integrates the calendar. This timetable allows you to create or appointments are weekly or monthly programs. It also works as a team with the system scheduled calls.

Oprius: features and tools

The interface of this CRM is the best ever. The modules take users to each system easily with a sharp screen and easy to navigate. Classified command buttons in colors for different groups or actions.

It has several special tools. It is best that no limit on the number of contacts. Moreover, it is not necessary to integrate Oprius with another system, since it is fairly complete software and needs only an Internet connection. Oprius performs automatic updates through its web-based system. And it has a customer capture tool to review opportunities to generate more sales.

You will have a complete and adequate system for the entire company. Do not stop yourself on trying Oprius in your small or medium business, it will not need more than just one system.