CRM like Daylite



Technology can help us manage our business efficiently. In fact, there is a huge amount of software that help us to organize, review and keep a control on the inventory, schedule meetings, and much more. For those who do not wish to have different services for every one of their needs, and also are using Mac, a good alternative can be DAYLITE, a program that it is one of the best apps for business on OS X. DAYLITE always knew how to adapt to the times that run, and now we will see how we can help improve our business.


DAYLITE is one of the business applications developed by marketcircle, and give you many alternatives at the time of placing order. It is an ideal application for small businesses that suddenly are growing, and in need of a tool that accompany that growth with the integration of multiple services. Thus, within a single window you are going to find all what need, from email, until a calendar, passing by a list of tasks, a review of objectives, reports, groups and much more.


One strong feature of DAYLITE is his main screen. Here we will be able to appreciate all that we have to do on the day, make a pan of our activities, as well as the needs of our business. On the main screen of DAYLITE, we will be able to see meetings of the day, tasks that have to be completed on certain date, and other tasks that we have added to our workflow. You can also see other things that are part of the features of DAYLITE like, projections of sales which were reflected in a report. On the main screen, everything related to the business can be found in one place. This is a great plus.


Another fundamental aspect of keeping a well-ordered business is related to maintain an efficient record of your contacts and make tracking of business opportunities. With DAYLITE, we will be able to do all these things thanks to a powerful track record that allows us to see all the activities related to a specific customer. For example, we keep a record of all calls, e-mails and notes that are taken with respect to a client.

In terms of specific people, we can even have register of the position and company for a user. In this sense, it is more useful to have a CRM, since we not only manage the relationships that we build, but we can keep them also through follow-ups. The follow-ups to customers, are very simple because those recurrent activities can be created to assign to a particular client, and never forget that we need to do it.


One interesting feature is the calendar. With this tool, we will have a different view from our meetings and appointments, incorporating more information and making it more intelligent than a simple reminder.


Finally, there are two features that most stand out within DAYLITE, and that should be present in all business applications. First, we will talk about the opportunities, which are of huge importance because our business will grow thanks to them.. With DAYLITE, are going to be able to keep a detailed record of the available opportunities, which are near to realize it, and which need more work.

Secondly, DAYLITE is also an excellent tool for managing and tracking projects in which we are already working. Within the same project, you can have all the tools offered by DAYLITE: agenda, meetings, notes, tasks, and e-mail. All these things are available from a single place, to make it simpler to see everything that is happening with a particular project.

So, as we could see DAYLITE has a lot of great features who make them a good option, but, if you still want to look for another options, we will show you some of them, just keep the readinga��


Basecamp is a popular tool that performs basic functions that have been optimized over the years to manage and coordinate projects in a simple and effective way.


It is an online tool essential for those people responsible for managing several projects at the same time, since it is free, it can be accessed from any computer or mobile with Internet connection, and allows you to keep in touch with the rest of the collaborators.


It is a platform for collaboration and communication that provides a single location for shared tasks, discussions, exchange of files, groups, chats or video conference with high definition. Is quite easy to use and flexible, allowing teams and departments of projects in thousands of companies to perform their work.


When we think in a social networking for professional generally it comes to our memory Linkedin or Xing, platforms for networking, not to work as a team.

That is what MOOVIA want to change, this project created in Brazil allow users to display their skills and talents and make a network of contacts, building your professional reputation from the feedback of other users, meeting people with talent to form teams, participating in projects and running the desired work.