CRM like ACT!

For a long time companies that provide services or products have needed to have an extensive list of customers and suppliers to maintain their vision of success in the place they want. But achieving this can be very difficult when the list grows every day and not enough roles to achieve group all organized manner and, if successful doing so becomes a very extensive and complicated file to use for people in charge of control sales and purchase materials.

For that reason they have developed various software that enable companies to have the information they need, at the right time and immediately. As is the case of managing client and managing contacts. In this case, one of the most recognized software in this area is ACT!

ACT! is the program Contact Management number 1 in sales in the world. With ACT! you have instant access to all the details of your contacts to facilitate administration and management of their business relationships. But, why is it so effective? The reason is that the objective of this program market is any company or person requesting manage their contacts and, honestly, who does not need that in this globalized world?

But what is ACT!?

ACT! It is the leading contact management of the United States with 78% market share, besides being the manager contacts easier to use. ACT! Also available in Spanish so it is open to companies in Latin America and contributes daily to the success of these companies to manage their contacts as never before imagined.

To do this simply select reports or use pre-designed templates to instantly write emails, memos, and faxes. But far of just sporadic emails with ACT! We can choose from daily, weekly or monthly calendars in order not to miss any customers.

We can easily add fields and design the screens to your liking, make projections and consult the sales process at any time. Just with one click you can access the online database of this program in which we will find online support at any time.

With ACT! We can also maintain a complete history of each conversation, each activity carried out and up minutes of its meetings, exports the latest information such as name, phone and activity play your Palm or use FoneSync to transfer such information to our cell phone (up to 250 names and telephone numbers). Its basic requirements are not very complicated, insomuch be operating on Windows 98 and higher and Pentium II with 32 MB Ram.

Solution Features

Manage all your contact information in one place

  1. Stores all information from our contacts: Allows you to store name, company, phone numbers, addresses, web address, e-mail, last meeting date and more (includes 70 predefined fields and gives you the option of creating additional fields ).
  2. Dated Notes: Includes handling an unlimited number of notes with date and time to keep track of important conversations, commitments, meeting notes, etc.
  3. Detailed Tracking: Allows monitoring of all communications activities to keep a complete record of meetings, letters, e-mails sent and received calls and more.
  4. Simple search: Easily locate any contact or detail using search facilities and location using keywords.
  5. Predefined Reports: Provides predefined phone lists, activity report, communication history, consolidated sales reports. It also allows customizing reports to meet your specific needs.
  6. Information Append: Append, see and edit important files related to your contacts (price lists, memos, letters, presentations, contracts, images, etc) for access from ACT! to important documents.
  7. Mail client: It includes a mail client that can interact with Microsft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and Lotus Notes Mail Internet so that you can create, receive and track sustained communications with your contacts via e-mail.

Synchronization and calendar events

Since the web access is an option available with ACT! we can keep up with our appointments and commitments. Among the benefits that give us automatic synchronization options are:

  1. See your Address Book: View and print your schedule by day, week or month.
  2. Reminders: You can set alarms to remind you of important events. It can monitor alarms even when ACT! You are not running.
  3. Automatic notifications: Avoid scheduling activities that would conflict of schedule with other activities.
  4. Pop-up Calendars: they allow you to view the details of an activity easily and instantly.
  5. Prioritizing Activities: Allows viewing and organization of activities in order of importance.
  6. Defining Filters: They allow the display of calls, meetings and priority pending, date range or user totalizations by activity activities.
  7. Outlook synchronization: Enables synchronization of calendar ACT! With Outlook if you want to keep users updated ACT! And Outlook.

What Act! Offer in relation to web marketing?

  • Mail Merge (Mail Merge): Generate mass mailings of faxes, e-mails, envelopes and labels to quickly and easily generate custom mailings.
  • Association Correspondence: Associate all correspondence with the corresponding contact for a complete record of everything that has been sent and received.
  • Predesigned formats: Save time by using predesigned formats for e-mails, letters, memos and faxes.
  • E-mail HTML Graphic: Customize professional graphics formats HTML to start marketing activities via e-mail to your customers.

Features for Workgroups

Multi User: Ready for multi-user and network environments so that the entire team can access the system without additional software. Share your databases on the network or synchronize your remote workers via e-mail so that everyone has updated contact information.

Information Protection: allows blocking data and the protection of information through passwords so that the shared data is safe.

Shared Agendas: Share your agendas to facilitate the search for free time and busy agenda. It includes management of public and private activities to filter what users can see.